Spinner the Space Kid

Spinner the Space Kid

It's an exclusive NickJr.com game just for little kids
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It's an exclusive NickJr.com game with out-of-this-world excitement just for little kids.
Spinner needs to catch Mrs. Twinkle's offspring. And that will take some asteroid-hopping. Fly to ten planets, and then run and hop through mazes to catch these fast little guys. After you do, the Twinkles want you to play a shapes puzzle with them. Can you figure out which object matches the shape they've made? This game has three modes and several options within those modes.
Game Features: Problem Solving, motor Skills, matching Shapes.Spinner the Space Kid is a lovely game for little kids in which you will explore different planets while playing simple but beautiful games. You will also meet new friends in all the planets that will help you carry out your tasks. In most games you will have to catch twinkles, which are green lovely creatures that run all across the screen, so your job is to jump over them to catch them. When you find all the twinkles, they always make a shape and you must click the matching picture. When you do that, you are ready to visit a new planet.
The game features astonishing graphics, excellent sound effects, and a wonderful music. It also features lots of introductions and dialogues between the characters, which will probably entertain kids very much. All the characters and scenarios look really cute and colorful.
In short, Spinner the Space Kid is a great game for little kids in which they will learn lots of things while they play fabulous simple games that will keep them entertained for hours.

Silvana Mansilla
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